360 Video Booth for party rental

Special moments are better sealed through photos. When you take a photograph, you’ve got memories to keep for a lifetime. You could hire a photographer for the job or take some by yourself, but to add pomp and colour to a special occasion, it pays to rent 360 photo booth services.

360 Photo Booth For couple

Whether you’re getting a referral from a friend or checking online for a service provider, 360 photo booth rental services are always at your disposal.

360 Photo Booth for friends and family

That said, how can you make every memory count in 2023 with a 360 photo booth rental? Read on to find out what you can do differently to make the most out of a photo booth service during an event.

Video Booth 360 friends enjoying the booth

In any event, the site of a 360 photo booth matters. You don’t want to place a photo booth where guests have to search or walk far to get it. Instead, put it within a short walking distance from where they’re seated and close to the reception or lobby area. Avoid putting the booth behind closed doors or around tables as this will definitely divert people’s attention from it. Moreover, you can also have signage around the photo booth to invite people at the event to engage with it.

• Consider your photo booth timeline

In most cases, a photo booth hire UK session lasts for about 3 to 5 hours. For these few hours you’re renting the booth, you’d want to maximize it as much as possible. That said, it’s essential to hire the booth for the time after your guests are done with meals and are busy interacting with each other. For instance, if it’s a wedding make sure the official hire period begins at the start of your cocktail or immediately after dinner to avoid paying for unused hours.

• Go for both digital and physical images

Nowadays, we want to have special moments shared via social media or at the palm of our hands saved in our galleries. That said, the ideal 360 photo booth rental should also provide digital images which people can get instantly on their devices. With digital photos, you can pin, tweet, email, or share them across any social media platform of your choice. The physical photo strip is also of great importance so that you don’t have to scroll through hundreds of photos in your gallery to find that selfie.

• Check out options before choosing a 360 photo booth rental

There are several 360 photo booth rental services out there but what matters most, in any event, is the kind of images you get. When choosing a booth, it’s essential to ensure the service provider of your choice contains the best equipment that will get you the image quality you’re looking for. Get to know the kind of photography cameras they use and ensure they provide decent exposure settings for high-quality images. Customer service is something else you shouldn’t ignore when choosing a 360 photo booth rental. You want to work with a company that will guide you in choosing the right props and even suggest some interesting backdrops.

• Spare some time for you

If you’re the owner of an event, you might be carried away by the activities going on until you forget to be part of the special moments captured by the booth. Therefore, out of the time booked for the 360 photo booth rental, be sure to schedule some time to pose for photos with your guests. It adds fun to the event and gives you an opportunity to save special moments for a lifetime.

Wondering how to add fun to your event? Get a 360 video booth of your choice and see the magic work.